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Our international distribution service

Martelec Limited (based in the United Kingdom) is our own international distribution service for all of our AntiLog product range. Please visit our Martelec website where you can purchase units now or you can contact Chris at Martelec to discuss your data logging requirements. You can click on the button below to be taken straight to the shopping page on our Martelec website which also hosts a range of high quality accessories, including dedicated cables and power supplies to support the complete AntiLog product range.

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Do you need ten or more units?

For multiple orders, the following price break discounts apply
10 to 24 units 7.5%
25 to 49 units 11%
50 to 99 units 14.5%
100+ units 18%
We are able to supply very much higher quantities as required.
Please contact us at Martelec for more details on higher volume pricing.

You can contact Anticyclone Systems Ltd at any time by email at

Detail may be subject to change without notice.

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