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See the Upgrade History section on this website for full details related to the software version history for all released software.

Date Event
04 Dec 2019 AntiTermPro V2.3 released. Update to support new file system update in the upcoming AntiLog V8.0 software release and some minor bug fix and layout improvements.
06 Nov 2019 AntiTermPro V2.2 released. Improved product upgrade functionality. In addition, the upgrade process can now open user guides for the main product as well as user guides for all installed product options.
12 Jun 2019 AntiTermPro V2.1 released. New option to split log sessions up into a series of new files during the data extraction process. V2.1 now has the ability to perform a simultaneous online upgrade of all units in a multi-unit configuration.
10 May 2019 Web site update. Links added to the new Martelec Limited website. Martelec Limited are our main approved international distributor for the complete AntiLog product range.
26 Mar 2019 AntiTermPro V2.0 released. Full support for the new AntiLogPro OEM V7.0 multi-unit mode and improved backward compatibility with legacy AntiLog software releases including online software upgrades for AntiLog software back to V2.0.
24 Mar 2019 AntiLog update to V7.0 now available for AntiLog and AntiLogPro units with uprated multi-unit support for AntiLogPro OEM units.
11 Feb 2019 AntiTermPro V1.5 released. You can now upgrade all of your AntiLog products to the very latest software release. Simply use the new 'Upgrades' button in the AntiTermPro side menu (Note: The upgrade facility requires a valid internet connection to obtain the latest software).
31 Jan 2019 AntiLog update to V6.1 now available for AntiLog and AntiLogPro units.
29 Nov 2018 AntiTermPro V1.4 released with new GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and integrated GNSS visualisation options with new support for $GNGNS NMEA sentences.
19 Sep 2018 New lower AntiLog pricing, new boxed version of AntiLogPro and new updated website design!

Current Software and Hardware Releases

Date Version
24 Mar 2019 AntiLog V7.0 dual channel.
24 Mar 2019 AntiLogPro V7.0 dual channel.
04 Dec 2019 AntiTermPro V2.3. A PC based RS232 Terminal application with direct support for the full range of AntiLog products.
10 Dec 2016 AntiLogReader V6.0 data extraction command line utility.

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