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Please visit our Upgrade history section on this website for full details related to the software version history for all released software.

Product and website updates
23rd Nov 2020
V9.0 of the AntiLog and AntiLogPro embedded software now released. This version introduces a new, even faster media file system and significant speed improvements across the whole product. For example, AntiLogPro units can now log two channels of full rate data at 921,600 baud simultaneously. Compatibility with two additional environment sensors has been added.

If you use AntiTermPro or AntiLogReader, please upgrade to the latest releases which include direct support for the new V9 file system.
23rd Nov 2020
AntiTermPro V4.0 released. Full support for the new V9 file system introduced in the latest AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9.0 software. A highly recommended upgrade as earlier versions of AntiTermPro will not work properly with the new AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9.0 embedded software release.
23rd Nov 2020
AntiLogReader V8.0 released. Full support for the new AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9 file system.
07th Oct 2020
AntiTermPro V3.3 released (currently at 3.3b). New one click access to a dynamic online web page containing all product user guide links relating to the currently connected product and any installed option packs.
25th Jul 2020
V8.1 (currently V8.1b) is now available for AntiLog and AntiLogPro units. AntiLogPro OEM units can now display or log readings from selected externally connected environment sensors. This new feature allows local monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure whilst simultaneously recording up to two channels of RS232 data.
25th June 2020
Website is now more mobile phone display friendly.
14th Jun 2020
AntiTermPro V3.2 released (currently at V3.2b). A warning system has now been built into the upgrade feature to warn of any loss of settings and other possible issues when upgrading from one version to another. New support has been added for an environment ('Env') tab in the multiple unit display to support the new AntiLogPro environment sensor monitoring and logging capability.
9th Apr 2020
AntiTermPro V3.1 released. Revised user interface design across the whole program and a new user interface to allow erasing of AntiLog data on media cards inserted into a media card reader.
7th Apr 2020
AntiLogReader V7.1 released. Improved media erase operation and display of relative time values for very old AntiLog units which have no real time clock hardware.
20th Feb 2020
Major embedded software update to V8 (currently at V8.0b) available now for AntiLog and AntiLogPro units. New software build further improves logging performance, adds new features and for AntiLogPro, provides improved Ring Buffer write method operation and enhanced multiple unit performance.
20th Feb 2020
AntiTermPro V3.0 released. Enhanced automated product connection capabilities, even if units are running in the bootloader mode. Faster performance with further improvements to the product upgrade process including support for the new BL6 bootloader giving four times faster product upgrades. Recommended upgrade.
15th Feb 2020
AntiLogReader V7.0 released. Updated to support new file system features in AntiLog V8.0 software release and improved timestamp output formatting options.
13th Jan 2020
AntiTermPro V2.4 released. Version released to address 'bad sequence number' error reports discovered in previous release when uploading large amounts of data written by AntiLogPro units using the Ring Buffer write method.
10th May 2019
Website update. Links added to the new Martelec Limited website. Martelec Limited are our main approved international distributor for the complete AntiLog product range.
26th Mar 2019
AntiTermPro V2.0 released. Full support for the new AntiLogPro OEM V7.0 multiple unit mode and improved backward compatibility with legacy AntiLog software releases including online software upgrades for AntiLog software back to V2.0.
24th Mar 2019
AntiLog update to V7.0 now available for AntiLog and AntiLogPro units with uprated multiple unit support for AntiLogPro OEM units.

Current software release versions

Date Ver Software
23rd Nov 2020 9.0 AntiLog dual channel embedded software release.
23rd Nov 2020 9.0 AntiLogPro dual channel embedded software release.
23rd Nov 2020 4.0 AntiTermPro. A PC based RS232 serial port terminal application designed to support the full range of AntiLog products and capabilities. Program features data uploading (from connected units or directly from media cards), AntiLog product upgrades via the internet, data visualisation and multiple unit support.
23rd Nov 2020 8.0 AntiLogReader. A PC command line utility to extract data directly from AntiLog and AntiLogPro units via a serial port connection or direct from their media cards.

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