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Anticyclone Systems Ltd, founded in 1998, is a established design house combining a unique blend of skills to bring innovative, tightly coupled hardware and software solutions to the marketplace. We are proud of our proven ability to deliver highly competitive products world-wide and have built a reputation for delivering our products within tight time scales.

The unique combination of hardware and software expertise available to us is our key to success. Anticyclone Systems Ltd is currently focused on the RS232 data logging market. Our AntiLog product is an excellent example of a tightly coupled design which gives world class performance.

In the past, we have supplied software solutions and microcontroller based systems to meet individual customer requirements. Examples include our WxWatch real time weather satellite image reception system for the UK Royal Navy, a digital radiosonde meteorological measurement system and a custom X-Y antenna tracking motor control system for satellite ground stations.

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RS232 Data Logging

There are a vast range of electronic devices in the world that can output data in RS232 format. Examples include Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, test and measurement equipment, process control systems and communication systems. There is also a sizeable requirement to log this data reliably. For example, to performing system analysis, field trials data recording, or equipment verification and validation.

AntiLog Boxed AntiLog OEM AntiLogPro Boxed AntiLogPro OEM

Our AntiLog product range was designed from the ground up to be this dedicated, reliable data logging solution. We have combined a powerful stand-alone microcontroller with some tightly coupled software to realise a highly portable RS232 data logging system which can write to extremely small, lightweight, solid state FLASH media.

AntiLog is now in use throughout the world in a very diverse range of applications including transport development, civil and military GPS receiver data logging, medical equipment monitoring, wildlife monitoring, unmanned aircraft flight data recording, sea trials, crop yield control, crane safety and a whole host of other process control applications.

So next time you need to log RS232 data, why not look at our AntiLog product range and see for yourself the benefits of a high quality, dedicated data recording device.

Weather Satellite Image Reception

Compressed NOAA Image The first major product developed by Anticyclone Systems Ltd was a professional weather satellite reception system called WxWatch. The system was fitted to warships in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy.

The WxWatch system supported reception and processing of weather satellite imagery in real time. Core capabilities included image projection onto mapped surfaces, GPS position and time augmentation, full overlay gridding with high resolution map overlays, automated image reception and automated image administration. The system also contained a full suite of image processing facilities including contrast stretches, false colour, image combinations, a weighted digital filtering system and comprehensive meteorological symbol editing including placement and editing of meteorological symbols, text and weather fronts.

We also designed a tightly coupled, microcontroller based signal processing unit to decode the weather satellite signals for the system. The decoder software included a unique adaptive tracking filter for accurate signal tracking throughout the complete satellite pass.

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